Reasons Why I’m Not a Republican

  1. My grandfathers—one was a good man and a Democrat, the other was a conservative and sat in a chair every day telling me how I was a disappointment, a failure, had no values, and how I would never fall in love because I wasn’t a skinny cheerleader and because I stood up to him when he said something stupid.
  2. I actually believe people have rights. Whether it’s women, gays, Hispanics, people allergic to peanuts, etc., I believe that people have rights.
  3. I don’t believe in wars, and I really don’t believe in unnecessary ones.
  4. Most Republican politicians have actually done more harm than good and end up getting extremely overrated once their presidency is over. (Democrats, on the other hand, actually have to fight to get proper recognition.)
  5. Fox News
  6. I believe that art is more important than tax breaks for people who have a lot of money.
  7. Speaking of taxes, if you have enough money to actually complain about your taxes being too high, then chances are you can afford to pay them.
  8. Health care – so many people have complained about “Obamacare” and how Obama is a socialist for passing it. Japan, which is pretty much straight capitalism, has socialized medicine. People don’t die because they can’t get prescriptions. People don’t die from doctors refusing to see them because they can’t pay for the services.
  9. It seems hypocritical to promote free markets/the glories of NAFTA and then be surprised that illegal immigration is such an issue.
  10. It also seems hypocritical that Republicans (esp. tea partiers) are encouraged to share their opinions, but the second a liberal shares theirs, they get told that they should leave the country if they don’t like it.
  11. I’ve never understood how anyone could see pro-life as being compatible with pro-death penalty, pro-war, pro-guns, etc. I also don’t understand how pro-lifers don’t usually come out against bombings of women’s health clinics or assassinations of doctors who perform abortions.
  12. How is not supporting greener energy a good idea? Isn’t more time on a healthier planet better than less time on a dying one?
  13. How is supporting/loving/being buddies with the oil companies a good idea? Where exactly did that get us?
  14. If the family is the cornerstone of the culture, why are some families treated like they’re not worthy of the same rights and privileges as others?
  15. Why is it judicial activism when a judge sides with a liberal POV, but it’s “correct interpretation” when a judge uses religious beliefs (not actual legal precedent) to make decisions?
  16. WTF is this whole State Sovereignty thing that Bentley was talking about? The 10th Amendment is not about sovereignty. Rights don’t equal being sovereign.
  17. Guns are bad. Automatic guns are worse. Needing an automatic gun to defend your family might be a legitimate argument if zombies were invading your house.
  18. If I found out that I had a terminal illness, then shouldn’t I have a right to decide that I wanted to die?
  19. If the Republicans hate immigration so much, then why do they talk about how wonderful the early Americans were? The English and other colonial powers didn’t magically appear with the permission of the Natives. They left their own countries to come to a place that was already inhabited to find a “better way of life”. Isn’t that pretty much the same thing as the illegal immigrants that they hate?
  20. People love Michael J. Fox, y/y? Why is it that the Republican party continuously asserts that medical innovations that could help people like him are somehow immoral? Yeah, a line of embryos that were already headed for the trash will be used and won’t be born. If you notice, though, these are embryos that weren’t going to be used and were going to be destroyed anyway.
  21. This idea that the Republican party somehow has more integrity than the Democratic party is silly. Politicians are human, right? I mean, unless we’ve gone all AI, which I think we’d know about. Humans lie. Humans cheat. Humans swindle. If you’re saying that you’ll be a completely honest and accountable politician, then you know what? You’re full of something and it doesn’t smell like roses and sunshine.
  22. If you want a smaller government, then why vote for someone wanting to legislate who can be in what family, who can live here, what medical procedures can be done, etc. Doesn’t it seem like if you’re voting for a party that wants to give the power to the people, then it shouldn’t be threatening to disempower people who aren’t cookie-cutter Americans?

BTW – #10 especially bugs me when someone will say, “Well, my family founded this country.” Um, hi. My family actually wrote the laws, served in the Continental Congress, fought in most of the wars (good or bad), etc. They didn’t do that so that their descendants would be told to leave the country. They did it so that their descendants would feel free to express their feelings without having to face some kind of political, social, religious, etc. ramification.

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I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I've got as many college credits as a doctorate candidate, and the GPA of some of them, too. I have a boss by the name of Amy Pond. She's a dachshund. My parents both grew up in Alabama.