Bad Behavior on Facebook

Three students at Grissom High School in Huntsville, Alabama were reprimanded and had to make public apologies for taking a photo with an obscene gesture in the school’s gymnasium. They were also kept from participating in Senior Day. The school says that as far as they’re concerned, the case is closed. The families of the girls say that they think the school overstepped.

I get that schools want to monitor what kids are doing, saying, etc. I think, though, that they are going a bit too far with things like this. There are some things that the school shouldn’t be able to punish. Yes, the picture was taken on school grounds, but it seems like that shouldn’t be enough to get the school to step in.

Did the girls do something wrong? Yes. Should they be reprimanded? Maybe. If anyone should be giving them the third degree it should be their parents. As far as I know, flipping the bird isn’t something that could kill someone, maim someone, or do any other kind of permanent or visible damage. It might upset the way people see Grissom students, but that really shouldn’t be a punishable offense. I’m fairly certain that most of the people in the area know what kinds of kids might be matriculating at that school.

I can understand why the parents of the girls might be upset about the school jumping in. Maybe they should have faced some kind of punishment, but basically humiliating them isn’t going to help. It seems like it might make more kids want to flip off the school.

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