Hug a Liberal aka Glenn Beck is a Socialist!

I think I only posted this on Facebook. It was originally written on September 30, 2009. I’m reposting since Tuesday is Election Day, and I am so sick of the nasty ads that talk about being liberal like it’s a bad thing.

You say you hate Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, or that “horrible” word that so many like to throw around: Socialist. We’ve never positively contributed to the government or society. We’re evil. We’re pawns of teachers who have indoctrinated us.

Have you ever been down on your luck? The government may have helped out by providing unemployment insurance, food stamps or school lunches/breakfasts for you or your children to make sure you had something to eat and money to live off. Gee, that’s some fuzzy liberal thinking there…insuring people the right to live is a guaranteed freedom that so many people will claim to believe in when they say that they are “pro-life”, yet they will speak out against these programs because they’re forms of welfare.

Have you ever been disabled? I know I am, and I think that programs like Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicare, Medicaid, and the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan are great. These programs are considered forms of welfare that only lazy people use, but when a person is in serious need, these programs are there. Where are your generous donations to keep all disabled people from being homeless and to allow them to have health care? Do you know how much it can cost for a person with a physical or mental illness to receive health care? (Once you have actual health problems, you don’t qualify for private insurance.) If you would like to pay for people to live, go to the doctor, and would like to pay for pills that cost upwards of $3 a piece at FULL price, then sure get rid of the programs. These programs actually provide people the help they need at a discount to the government.

Have you ever had a fire? The fire department is a great form of Socialism, as is the police department. These people are government employees who provide care for the public.

How about public school? Have you ever been a student of public education or a teacher in public education? Or do you have kids who were students? Public education is a form of Socialism. If Socialism were done away with, then only the wealthy could have an education. Chances are that if you can’t afford to send your kid to an expensive private school now, then you would still be unable to if public education was gone.

Do you like to drive? Streets are maintained by the government. In fact, the government maintaining the roads is the reason that there aren’t as many toll roads in this country as there could be. If roads were privately owned, then people could set fees for the roads they owned and charge you whatever they wanted without government mandates to keep them in check.

Do you like to go to the park? Or maybe you’re a hunter. Parks, recreation, and wildlife are all under the supervision of the government.

Some people believe in going to the library over buying all of their books, CDs, DVDs, videos, etc. Well, without socialism, we would have no public libraries.

Or perhaps you believe in supporting the military. The military is a government run form of defense. Our nation was actually founded by people who believed in militias, yet over the years, we have developed a darn government controlled form of defense that goes to war to protect our rights and stuff. Gotta hate that Socialism.

Some of you supported McCain, who was opposed to Socialism, yet as a former member of that wretched Socialist military, he is entitled to over $50k in disability benefits for his service to said military. I guess we need to get rid of any benefits for Veterans.

USPS is a socialized form of postal service. Yes, you pay that horrible $0.40+ per pound of mail, but it’s a lot better than the cost that you might have to pay for UPS and FedEx to ship all of your mail.

Do you like safe food and medicine? Well, thank a liberal since the FDA is a socialist entity.

For those of you who either are from Alabama or have been to Alabama, then I guess you hate the city of Guntersville. It makes its livelihood because of a little thing called Lake Guntersville. Lake Guntersville would not be there were it not for the TVA, which wouldn’t be around were it not for that horrible Socialist program known as the New Deal. Also, if you like have government-subsidized electricity in North Alabama, you can thank a liberal, too.

Do you like to use the Internet? Oooh, that’s Socialism. The National Science Foundation and Department of Defense were big in the creation of said thing. (Personally, I think if you want to bash Socialists and the NSF, then you should have to give up access to the Internet since you hated the Socialists and their contributions so much.)

Do you like the idea of space travel and exploration? NASA is a Socialist entity. I guess if you hate Socialism, then Huntsville (aka Rocket City) just shouldn’t exist according to you.

When you get on an airplane, you like that your airplane can be monitored so it doesn’t hit another plane and regulated properly by laws. That would be the FAA.

Do you like to know when a storm is coming? I know I do, but goodness, the NOAA wouldn’t exist without a Socialist.

Do you like to look at the clock on your computer? That would be the atomic clock…fuzzy liberal thinking came up with that.

Do you like when those horrible people that some talk radio hosts like to call pieces of garbage go to jail for killing people or otherwise doing crappy things to good people? Jails wouldn’t exist were it not for Socialism.

What would you do with your garbage if a Socialist hadn’t decided to provide you with garbage collection? Thanks to that Socialist, you just pay a tax and get it picked up without having to arrange it. Darn them again!

You like that your house is standing? Building inspectors are puppets of the whole Socialist regime that instilled in us the belief that we should have building codes.

You like the FCC? They keep those liberals from going crazy and showing their breasts and cussing on tv. Thank a liberal.

Oh, there’s the DMV, but no one really loves them.

If you live in place that gets snow, snow removal is a form of Socialism. If you don’t, then all of those preparations that you take to insure that you don’t have to deal with the snow is a form of socialism.

Wanna have swine flu? Well, those darn CDC and NIH (that’s Centers for Disease Control and National Institutes of Health for those of you who aren’t in the know) are keeping you from it by trying to find ways to prevent the H1N1 virus from killing us all. Gotta hate that crazy Socialist agenda!

Some of you get Pell Grants or Student Loans because you don’t have money to pay for your post-secondary education. That’s the government allowing you to do such things. Oooh, bad liberals.

Do you like to have money in your pocket? Well, the government prints those bills and mints the coins…that’s Socialism.

Do you like that your church doesn’t have to pay taxes? (Even Scientology doesn’t have to pay, and no one is completely sure WHAT they are.) Well, goodness gracious, that’s because some SOCIALIST gave them an exemption. If they paid their taxes, then that might lower yours.

Do you like toilets? Well, toilets require sewer access, which is generally given by a government. Hmm, I guess we should all go back to out houses.

Oh, bridges! You like to get across rivers, right? Well, without Socialism, there’d be no bridges.

And the most Socialist thing of all: VOTING. That’s right. We pay taxes to pay for you to make decisions on who you want to elect. If there weren’t volunteers, it would cost even more because those jobs would be paid by tax-payers. Eek! Thank goodness that those people are willing to keep your taxes lower than they possibly could be.

So, next time you want to end Socialism, remember that these programs are all Socialism. And remember that people like Glenn Beck believe in Socialism, as they support things like the military. Or Dale Jackson, the local conservative radio host, has a job BECAUSE Socialism allows him to be on the air and get his message out freely.

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