Dry Your Eyes, Little Girl 2

I finally got a significant amount of sleep. For a few days, I had gotten somewhere from 3-6 hours, because my mom would wake me up to get her things when I would finally get to sleep really well. But Saturday night, I took 2 muscle relaxers and something for pain. That led to about 12 hours of (semi) uninterrupted sleep. My mom did manage to get me to wake up a few times to get her some water, but I was easily able to go back to sleep. I kept my eyes closed most of the rest of Sunday, though, because my eyes were dry and they seemed to get drier as the day went on. Finally, at almost midnight (around 2 hours ago), I had to get some eye drops. I (temporarily) ended my self-imposed Walmart embargo to get them. In a metro area that has around 300,000 people, there are very few 24-hour places that sell eye drops. I didn’t want to go out to Madison (the town I loathe and despise) to get to the only 24-hour Walgreens in the county, so we went to the Walmart that is 5 minutes from here. I got the drops, but since it was around 12, they were closing out the drawers and changing out the cash. It took an extra few minutes to get through. My debit card didn’t want to work at first, so I had to swipe it twice. It went through on the second time. (Oddly, when I got home, the bank had charged the card twice, but refunded the extra charge.)

I’m probably not going to be on the computer long, since my eyes are still extremely dry. I’ll probably put some more drops in pretty soon. It may take a while to get them back to a comfortable level.

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