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Has anyone else noticed that their WP blogs are inundated with massive amounts of spam lately. I had to delete 15 yesterday and got another 16 today. That’s not good. The last time I had so much spam in a day was back in 2007 before the 60,000 spam comments were lobbed at the site and way before they were deleted.

My eyes are really burning this morning. It may be for lack of sleep. I’m hoping to stay up to watch the Emmy’s, but I may have to take a nap. I hate that True Blood is up against the Emmy’s this year. I didn’t think anyone ever put anything major up against them. Maybe they’re just not as important as they used to be.

So other than being annoyed at Alan Ball/the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences/HBO, having burning/dry eyes, lacking sleep (of course I had about 15 hours yesterday, so it’s cool), cleaning up spam, doing some family history stuff, and posting on my board, I haven’t really done much this weekend. That’s okay though.

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