This Isn’t Healthy

Okay, so I spent way too much time today adding lulzy prefixes for Urban Sunrise. I was bored, and I thought that we needed some more kinda silly ones. Most will probably never be used. Worse, those that are used might not be understood. Still, I felt the need. I needed to be lulzy today.

Mom is not quite as whiny today, which is good. She still has her moments. Mainly she whines about being hungry, but then doesn’t want whatever we have. I think part of it may be that she’s just not sure what she wants. She’s in pain and upset and feels really crappy, and she just needs to whine. I will try to be more understanding of her frustration.

One of the doctors apparently told her that she will never be able to absorb enough of the Vitamin D that she needs to keep her bones from breaking. They will be fragile for the rest of her life, which really sucks. I know that my mom has slowed down in recent years, but to think of the woman who would try to do pretty much anything as being unable to walk without the possibility of breaking a bone…it’s just a bit unnerving.

My hard drive came today. So, my dad helped me swap out the old body for the new one. I’ll try to send the new hard drive/old body back tomorrow. Oh, and the charge was fixed, so no more $130 charge. Of course, it would’ve been nice if it hadn’t been charged in the first place.

Ah, and my dad has resumed his 24-hour (not really, but it seems that way) naps. He’s gotten frustrated a few times because I don’t seem to have the ability to stay awake and do everything. I can’t even complain that I don’t get to go sleep in my bed because the A/C in my room is still not working. So, I am stuck in the recliner until either it gets fixed or it is finally cool enough outside that I can sleep in my room.

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