Suck my unit, Ryan Seacrest. You know you bought the magazine and made love to it in the privacy of your own home.

“Children can buy this magazine” – What fucking child reads Rolling Stone?

obviously 13 year olds, Christian!
I see kids readin that shit everywhere!

The cover seriously isn’t even that bad, I mean there is no dick (sadly) and there is no nipple /exposed/ tits or vagina either. get the hell over it,  I’ve seen far worse and I sure as hell know kids today are up to all kinds of crazy shit


Is Ryan Seacrest fucking kidding me right now? If it was a woman, nude, all by herself he’d be falling all over the place and talking about how incredibly hot she is. Because he just loves the ladies.

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You know you love it more than Joel loves to compare you to mini horses, Ryan.

Now, how many times has Ryan read the magazine?  I’m guessing not many.  If he’s so upset about children seeing naked bodies, with nothing exposed, then he’ll surely get the heebie-jeebies about the usage of fuck, shit, and various “bad” words being thrown around.  Oh, and what about that nasty naughty liberal agenda?  How many times have people been naked on the cover?  Christina Aguilera…Jennifer Aniston…John Lennon…is their nudity that less shocking?

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