can anyone tell me where the prancing cera originated from? i would sincerely like to know.


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i honestly have no idea, i’d like to know.

whatever happened it’s still hilarious. i love it.

From Know Your Meme:

The ‘Prancing Cera’ meme started with one photograph from the director Edgar Wright’s flickr account taken on the 22nd August 2010 in Haugesund, Norway while promoting the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The photograph appeared to show the young actor Michael Cera leaping from one platform to another on what appears to be a dock. Soon a tumblr account ‘Fuckyeahprancingcera’ was created dedicated to Prancing Cera, the creator claiming that she had not seen the meme anywhere else and decided to create it herself.

And the rest is history.

Most recreations of the meme so far have involved song lyrics with the word ‘Dance’ changed to ‘Prance’ and also collaborations with other memes such as Pedobear and Sad Keanu.

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