Every Beat of My Heart

On Wednesday, I had the cardiologist appointment. According to the doctor, I have a fast sinus rhythm that appears to be “normal” for me. He said that he wants me to wear a holter monitor for 24 hours. The scheduler wanted me to do it this week, but I thought I was going to have the CRP done yesterday afternoon, which would’ve kept me pretty immobile for a week. I decided to go for early next week, because my brain didn’t compute that a week was 7 days long.

Of course, I ended up going to the CRP appointment and finding out that since I wasn’t having any dizzy spells (or any nystagmus issues) when I arrived for the appointment that I couldn’t have the CRP done. The audiologist told me that I could come back anytime I got dizzy, just to call first. (Once you’re approved for the procedure, it can be done for a few months after the approval.)

I’m not nervous about the holter monitor thing. I had one a few years ago, when I was going through the Geodon reaction. I hope that it stays on better this time. Last time, since it was also done in the summer, the stickers kept coming undone.

Oh, I enjoyed seeing the look the cardiologist made when he was trying to figure out the heart issue. He wanted to blame the typical obesity stuff and use the normal treatments, including high blood pressure medicine. Well, he noticed that my blood pressure was low, and I told him that it is *normally* on the low end of normal. He also noticed that my blood sugar was normal, the thyroid stimulating hormone is on the low end of normal (hinting at hyperthyroidism) and that the actual thyroid hormone is on the low end of normal (hinting at hypothyroidism). The look was one of those totally confused faces. This is a guy who was the head of cardiology at one of the top heart-care hospitals in the region, and he was bumfuzzled.

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