Turn My Head with Talk of Summertime

I thought that I had a bruise on the corner of my eye Sunday night, until I found out that I had a stye coming up (the bruise was a shadow). I also have a sore developing on my eyebrow ridge. I haven’t had a stye in a long time, so I had forgotten how horrible these things feel.

I had tests scheduled at the ENT Monday morning. The audiologist decided to do a Dix-Hallpike test first. If it was negative, she would do the ECOG test. It was negative on the left side. On the right, my eyes had a nystagmus (involuntary jerking motion) and I got dizzy. So…I get to have a CRP (canalith repositioning procedure) to treat that. I’m really not looking forward to that because the positioning for this test was painful enough for my neck.)

On Monday afternoon, I saw the neurosurgeon. Fortunately, he said the problem wasn’t serious. He said it was just a strain. He wants me to do physical therapy, which I will schedule after I go to the cardiologist tomorrow. I don’t know if the therapy will help. My neck has never been strong. (Part of the reason I had to quit gymnastics as a kid was that they noticed that my neck was extremely weak.) I hope it will help, though.

After I got home yesterday, I ended up falling asleep. At first, it was for about 2 hours. I took some medicine, which kept me asleep for another 10 hours. I ended up taking medicine again when I woke up, which kept me asleep for another 12 hours. So, I was asleep in a medicine-induced nap for around 24 hours. I needed to rest that long since I had been up for what seemed like forever.

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