My boyfriend passed away this past Friday – August 7th… Four years just doesn’t seem like much, when you knew forever existed. We were supposed to get engaged in (less than) a month. It hurts me so bad to hear my parents say he was their son-in-law, and it hurts me even more – basically kills me to hear his mom and dad say I was her daughter-in-law. I’m the only one they have now, as they say. We were perfect. We had our whole future in line and planned.
He got the tattoo on his chest to surprise me; I didn’t believe it was real at first, so I tried to scratch it off a little (he stopped me). It means “love conquers all” in Latin. It was our little “love quote” to each other because we fell in love so quickly; Though we had our battles, we never, ever stopped loving each other. I got mine four hours after I heard the news. We were also a long distance relationship; same state, two hours apart. Our relationship was never simple, but love conquered us and no matter the issue, no matter the distance, no matter the problem – we got through it, always.

I’m missing my home, It feels like I’m never going to fill this huge void. I know, people say it gets easier, and I know it will. People also say I’ll find someone eventually, and maybe I will, but no one, ever, will be my Rodney Dewane. No one else, ever.
I love you, Rodney.
Happy us day, baby. <3

I basically turned my tumblr into our love blog: http://www.wolffangs.tumblr.com
Done at Baltimore Street Tattoo in Maryland.

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