You’ve Got to Dig

My hair is getting longer quickly. It always surprises me how fast hair grows back in. It’s almost to a decent length (for me). I’ve always hated the way I look with short hair. It helps certain features and makes others worse. Of course, I know that I’m the only one who notices that kind of thing about me.

The house that belonged to the bad neighbors has been purchased. It was actually sold a couple of weeks ago, but I never really paid attention to it. I can’t only hope that the people who move in are not quite as devilish as the last owners. Maybe they’ll actually be nice to all of their neighbors, instead of treating everyone in the neighborhood like crap.

I paid off the fine and the court costs for the overgrown grass thing a couple of weeks ago. I had to hunt out my checkbook, and when I got up there, they said that it was one of those things that had multiple fines (not true) and had to be paid with a debit or credit card. So, I did that. I thought it was funny that my court slip said something different from the person working in the cashier area. Maybe the judge doesn’t know the policy? I doubt that.

This layout at fps has only been up around 24 hours and I already am sick of it. I hate it when I make stuff because by the time I put things up, I end up thinking that they are absolute rubbish. I’ll probably think it’s super-duper-incredible-fantastic when I wake up tomorrow.

I’m hoping that after next week, I can figure out what is officially wrong with me. I am so sick of these specialists. Most of them are nice, but having to fill out new paperwork all the time is not fun, and none of them wants to look at the whole picture. I used to see specialists in high school, when my health was getting crappy (prior to massive insanity), and it was always confusing because even I didn’t know what which doctor knew. I understand that they have specialties for a reason, but part of treatment has to do with looking at where certain issues lie on a spectrum.

I may be dyeing my hair this weekend. I’ve meant to do it since the sinus surgery, but I’ve chickened out. I’ve actually got all of the stuff that is recommended to do it, but I haven’t done it yet. On this, I am like a coop full of chickens scared of messing up my hair. It’s finally not really damaged, and I’m a bit worried that it might get damaged using the dye. I also can’t figure out which color I want to try. I have a bright pink, a dark pink, and black. I’ve had dark hair in the past, and it actually looks almost natural on me. (My dad’s family has dark hair.)

I’m hoping my mom wakes up soon. Last week, when we went to Wal-Mart, it was my week to pay. Well, I had left my debit card in my jacket from when I saw Eclipse, so I decided to try to write a check. Of course, I almost never write a check and this check was in the first 100 checks. So, even though I had the money in the account and an ID to prove my identity, their computer rejected the check. Since it was around 2 in the morning, I couldn’t exactly call the number that they gave me. My mom picked up the cost, and she said to write her a check to reimburse her. Well, that’s what I’ve been planning on doing, except that last night she said that she wants me to just cover this week’s groceries instead. She didn’t tell my dad about this, because he would get upset, so he asked me tonight to make sure that the check was ready to go to the bank in the morning. I didn’t really know what to say. I know he would probably handle this kind of thing coming from me better than her, since lately he’s been nicer to me than her, but I don’t want her to go through that kind of wrath-like state that he might go into if he gets upset. It always breaks my heart to see him snap at her, even when she’s being naggy. I know that my mom is really strong, but the way that he talks to her sometimes, it makes her seem like she’s fragile. I guess almost 30 years together can cause a couple to know which buttons to press.

Oh, and even if I’m not doing fanlistings anymore, I’m glad that I started talking to more of the people from TFL again last year. I really enjoy talking to Haley, Shu, Christina, Ashley, Kara and everyone else in the middle of the night. I have had so much fun with our wacky conversations. I feel sorry for anyone who is up and following me on Twitter in the middle of the night that doesn’t know what is going on. Honestly, some of our stuff is pretty crazy, but it’s always a good stress reliever.

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