Summer Hair = Forever Young 2

I dyed my hair about an hour ago. I was going to dye it hot pink, but as it was drying, I noticed that the pink wasn’t exactly visible. I decided to try with a different color, because I neede a change. (Anytime red hair becomes über-cool, my hair becomes any color other than red.) Well, I went with black. (I forgot to put the gloves on this time, so my hands are nice and stained.) I mixed in a little bit of the purplish dye in, and I ended up with…dark brown. It may be darker when it dries completely. The roots are still their natural platinum blonde color.

Though I royally screwed the whole process up, I think I did a good job for someone who had never dyed her own hair before. I mean, it’s not all falling out, so that’s a good sign, right?

0813001521.jpg 0813001522.jpg

My parents are at Nana’s right now, or in Guntersville. I really wanted to go. When I called her to tell her that I didn’t feel up to traveling down there, she sounded so hurt. I hate when I make her feel bad. We almost never get to see one another anymore. I have got to get to feeling better soon so that I can see her. I miss her so much, and I always wish I was down there. I love spending part of the summer at her house. It’s so quiet there, because she lives in the middle of nowhere. Of course, some of the quiet drives me crazy, ’cause I need some traffic sounds.

Wow…apparently, yesterday Huntsville had the top record high, according to CNN. Hotter here than Birmingham, which is further south. We’re always the hottest spot in the state, except The Shoals, which is about an hour and a half west of here.

Ugh. I need to get the registry info for my optical drive because I am sick of the error on iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Hair = Forever Young

  • Manda

    Looks like you did a good job on your hair, especially for the first time. I use Manic Panic every once and while to dye my hair for like a month and I always make a mess and stain just about every body part on me.

    • Janet
      Post author

      Thanks. 🙂 Any tips on getting it off my hands? I got a lot of it off with my shampoo and some hand soap, but I’ve never removed dye from my skin before. (Permanent markers and various other stain-related stuff, yes, but not hair dye.)

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