And You Were There, But You…You Weren’t

I’m one of those weird people who checks my insurance statements and any invoice from their doctor to see if there are discrepancies. I also like to know how much things cost, even when I don’t have to pay for them. Well, today I got an invoice from my gastroenterologist from the esophageal motility study. He was billing Medicare and Medicaid $99 for performing the study, and I apparently owe him a little over $10. I thought that was hilarious since he wasn’t there. It honestly felt like I should’ve had one of those Mean Girls moments and said that he doesn’t even go here or something.

My mom went to the orthopedic surgeon today. She was officially released by him. I don’t quite understand why he didn’t order any kind of physical therapy on her ankle. She was off of it for the better part of 9 months. She still has trouble walking more than about 20 feet without any type of assistance. It seems like she should at least have some kind of rehab, even if it’s pool therapy, to strengthen her muscles, joints, and even her confidence before being fully released. Of course, this was the same surgeon who did a half-assed job the first time because he figured that with her health issues that she wouldn’t be able to keep her foot/leg.

Today, Alice has been so clingy. When my parents went to the doctor, I left the living room for about 10 minutes to take a shower. While I was in the shower, I could hear her whimpering. I came back and ate breakfast before I decided to rest on the couch. As soon as my back hit the cushion, she was on top of me looking at me in the eyes. She just looked like a scared little baby puppy. I made sure to stay close to her the rest of the time they were gone. Of course, when they finally came back, I slept for a while, and she (according to them) stayed close by me while I slept.

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