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Dear Mr Ball,

I’m a concerned fan of the True Blood Series and Sookie Stackhouse novels. I read the books after watching the first season of True Blood. I purchased and watched True Blood Season in few days and then I was ready for the season 3 opener. Basically I’m hooked, but it was obvious from the start of the DVD’s that the books and show were quite different. But I wanted to give the show a chance because of the immense affection I felt towards the characters in the books and especially towards Eric Northman which Alexander Skarsgård plays brilliantly!

My main concern is the direction the show is taking the Eric/Sookie relationship and how far (at this time) it’s veering away from the main story of the books. Bill is exposed and diminishes which paves the way for the Eric/Sookie relationship to blossom. But the show isn’t following that direction it appears.

Your comment at Comic Con “I believe Bill and Sookie are soul mates. I personally root for things to work out between them. I believe their love is true.” created quite an uproar with the Eric fans, me included. If you take the show that direction you will have veered so far left that you will leave the Eric fans behind and trust me, they’re/we’re not happy now and you will lose us.
For us Eric fans the the relationship between Sookie and Eric is very important, and we have been waiting for almost 3 seasons for any progress but all we got is dreams. Sookie and Eric are the soul of SVM books and we have been waiting for it to be done justice in True Blood. We do not want to see Sookie and Eric in a fling! It’s a great love story!

We hope you will take our comments and concerns to heart and bring this story to life on the screen.


[NOTE: This letter was written by two members of the Eric Northman Addicts facebook page. I take no credit, and was told I could post this. You can find the Original letter here: ]

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Again can I just say: I love fanatics. They fix everything. (And if I don’t see some hot Eric action soon I’m gonna be pissed!)

I second that.

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