I don’t think the burning of any book is ever okay.




Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean you have the right to burn it, and take away the opportunity for someone else to enjoy it. Burning a book is like…I don’t know. To me it’s like killing a soul. There is someone in this world that appreciates and enjoys that book. You don’t really have that right, even if you dislike it. That is someone’s work. That is someone’s imagination. And just burning it to ash is reprehensible to me.

Burning books just because you think they’re stupid makes you no better than the Bible-thumpers that have mass burnings of books they deem inappropriate and “wicked”. Books that you might like. Like Harry Potter? Yeah.

Don’t encourage book burnings. The desecration of someone’s work in that manner is just never appropriate.

this. I hate the stupid pictures of Twilight burnings. I don’t even know why i am so against book burnings. 

Oh my god. I HATE all those pictures of book burnings and stuff. It just breaks my heart knowing that people think it’s okay to just take a piece of art (Yes, to other people, a book you don’t like is considered art. Crazy, right?) and ruin it. It’s almost a disgrace to know that a lot of the people who did it to the Twilight books were around my age. Burning them is just over the top, and really unnecessary. Don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Don’t destroy it so that nobody else has the opportunity to enjoy it.

Well said.

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