TV Guide 7.27.10

…it all is the battle for Sookie’s heart that’s been raging since Season 1. Fans have chosen sides, and it’s on for Team Bill versus Team Eric (unofficial team T-shirts are available online), with new rival Alcide now running as a dark horse, er, wolf.

Still, Moyer (Paquin’s real-life fiancé) believes that, when it comes to true love, all the mayhem is manageable. “I can’t get into slinging matches about who’s better for Sookie because it’s just ridiculous,” he laughs. “Bill is for Sookie, the love of her life.”

Vote in the poll! Who should Sookie be with? (ERIC, Alcide or Bill.)

Of course he would pick Bill.  He wasn’t really an unbiased person to ask.  I’m Team Eric.  It seems kind of crazy to completely jump the shark on Eric and Sookie, especially if you’re picked for Season 4.  How exactly would they do the whole season?  Would it be Bill instead?  God, I hope not.

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