The Needless Numbness 2

After the exertion test, I began having problems with feeling like pins and needles were prickling my skin on my extremities. Today, however, I woke up and in my hands, it has gotten worse. The tips of most of my fingers are almost completely numb. They feel like I’ve stuffed cotton balls in them or something. Not an enjoyable feeling. I have a newly scheduled appointment with a family practitioner this morning. She’s not my normal family doctor at the clinic. Apparently, my old doctor at the clinic has graduated. She’s probably gone on to private practice, and I can’t really follow her. (It is highly unlikely that she would still accept Medicaid in a private setting.)

Tomorrow, I have another doctor appointment. I have to go for my yearly ophthalmologist appointment. I have a feeling that when it gets to time to check my vision (and see if I need new glasses), I will need a new prescription. I hate when I have to get new glasses.

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  • Haley

    I have severe peripheral neuropathy in my legs (which is very well managed via medication thankfully), and at one point I thought it had gone into my arms, as well. I talked to my neurologist about it and she recommended I try to make sure my sleeping posture/positioning was as neutral as I could get it. I have always slept with my arms bent under my head or whatnot, and combined with my back posture/sitting in classes at college for hours on end at a computer, it was putting a lot of pressure on the nerves in my arms. My biggest issue was my pinky & ring finger on both arms. I would wake up and wouldn’t be able to feel them for the rest of the day! D:

    So definitely look at your favorite/most common sleeping habits. I don’t use a rectangular pillow anymore because they are so NOT helpful to sleep posture. I have an L-shaped pillow (more of a boomerang) that is 3785682375682 times better. I don’t need any fancy-schmancy memory foam junk. 😛 ehe.

    I hope whatever it is you have hasn’t spread into your arms/hands. That would be so dumb. 🙁 Feel better!

    • Janet
      Post author

      I thought I had neuropathy after the Cipro issue, but it had gotten better and the doctor said that that was just swelling causing the problems. When I’ve slept in my bed, I slept with my knees propped up. That’s been my sleeping posture for about 20 years now, since my first serious back injury.

      This issue has happened since the test, so I think I may have gotten an injury from that. The doctor and med student said that I had some weakness on my left side (both my arm/hand and my leg/foot), which concerned them. They wrote a prescription for a neck collar, but I don’t think I’ll get it because my neck is too short to wear one of those things. I get to have an MRI next week and then I’ll be sent to a neurosurgeon.

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