Teenage girls piss me off.










No, you’re not depressed because the guy you’ve liked for a week has a girlfriend. No, you’re not going to kill yourself because your parents grounded you. No, you’re not unique because you wear converse. No, you’re not rAnDoM because you wear rainbow socks. No, you’re not the only ”real” fan of that band you like. No, you didn’t know about Tim Burton before everyone else. No, your life isn’t over because you can’t go to the concert/party that ”everyone” else is going to. No, you’re not cool because you take pictures of you holding alcohol. No, you’re not hilarious because you wear winter hats in the summer. No, you’re not retro because you play N64 or like Sonic the Hedgehog. No, your band didn’t save your life. No, taking pictures of you smoking doesn’t make you super awesome. No, you’re not bisexual because you think Hayley Williams is hot. No, bleaching your hair doesn’t make you part of some elite club. No, snakebites don’t open the doors to the cool group. No, updating your status every five minutes doesn’t make you interesting. No, having a random word like PICKLES or RIBCAGE attached to your name isn’t fun eg: SarahSLAUGHTER or RachelRIBCAGE. No, Noel Fielding/Russel Brand is not your boyfriend.


just reblogging.

^^^^^ and i’m a teenage girl. 

No, you’re not bisexual because you think Hayley Williams is hot.

 I’m a teenage girl but I agree with this so much

I’m just sayin.

No, your band didn’t save your life.  is the only one I disagree with. I think sometimes it happens, but people abuse it. So I get what you’re saying. 

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