Send it On

Well, the doctor that I saw today is my mom’s doctor at the clinic. I also saw a med student who was muy bueno, in both the looks department and the listening skills. The nurse screwed up BP cuff again, so I showed a high reading of 153/95. I explained to the medical student and he got the proper cuff and checked. It was 120/82, which is much better. There was the typical 2 minute neuro check, and it was interesting because most of the time the deficit is on my right side more than left. Well, today, my left side had deficits in touch and in the ability to do some of the strength stuff. (The strength part is esp. odd since my left arm is my strong arm.)

The doctor is sending me for an MRI, which will be my 6th one. I didn’t realize until it was scheduled that it was for one with contrast. I’m supposed to me more careful with those now because of the Creatinine/BUN levels. I’ll have to tell the tech at the Med Mall on Monday. The techs there are nice. I just hope that they have the A/C fixed in the MRI room this time.

When the results come back, I get to go to a neurosurgeon. I’ve never seen a neurosurgeon. My mom has. My grandmother has. My great-grandfather saw one after he got hit by the car. I will be the first from my generation to go. Of course, this isn’t something that I’m happy about.

My mom went with me to the appointment today, which is odd, because for the past year she hasn’t gone with me to appointments. Of course, she likes to butt in when I’m back there, which is okay because part of the time I feel less sure of myself with her there. She wanted to go after I told her that the pins/needles had advanced to full-blown numbness in my hands.

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