Don’t Even Blink

Yesterday, other than rude retail folks, I went to get my tests. to find out if I should be fitted for a bubble. For the four or five tests that they were doing, they required 5 full test tubes. These weren’t those little tubes either. They were rather large compared to the normal tubes they use.

Instead of the normal place we go, the Med Mall, I went to the hospital lab closest to home. It was nice and quiet…and empty. It was also much cooler and relaxing. (Nicer chairs, and even some recliners, in the waiting area.) There was only one phlebotomist there, though, which was a bit worrisome. She was quite nice, though, but I was a bit worried that she would either suck or that she would freak out when she realized that she wasn’t going to get it on the first try.

She did start with my hands, but she missed the spot completely. She ended up going in through a freckle, which may have obscured her ability to tell where the vein was. Of course when I finally examined the spot, I could tell where the vein ran quite easily. (I hadn’t really thought about how being super-freckled could cause issues with needles.) She tried the other hand and hit it right away. It also worked quite well, and didn’t start clotting halfway through any of the tubes. (That fact alone was weird.)

You know, it’s kind of weird how I seem to be posting about blood tests so much of the time. It seems like every time I blog, I mention blood tests lately. So, to keep from being all blood, all the time, I thought I would plug Urban Sunrise.

Speaking of the boards, if you didn’t catch one of my “social networking” posts where I mentioned that I had added more old posts and members, I have added what I think may be the final batch. (I think I may be able to connect a final dot if I can figure out which of the old databases [when I was on a previous host] had some of the missing posts.) It was surprising, though, when I merged the posts and there were over 20,000 posts. I had heard so many people talk about how the boards were always empty, but apparently, over around 8 or 9 years, they amassed somewhat of a following.

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