Today I saw my allergist. She remembered me, as did Martha, one of the nurses. Doris, who apparently still works there, is still just as forgetful as she has always been. I told her that my rheumatologist wanted to find out about the constant infections. I didn’t bring up that he wanted it investigated a year ago, or that I had tried at that time to make an appointment, but the receptionist had said that they didn’t take my insurance.

They did allergy testing on me. My arms broke out a bit, but only 2 things seemed to merit being declared this time (instead of the multitudes that were positive when I was 15). I am apparently allergic to dust/dust mites, which has tested positive since the first time I had the tests when I was 4. (My dust allergy sent me to the hospital back then.) The other thing that tested positive was the penicillium mold. I thought that that was interesting since I’m also allergic to Penicillin. (Penicillin comes from a form of the mold, but they’re not the same.)

I have to have some blood work done for her, as well. The CH50, pneumococcal ab 23, tetanus ab panel, and immunoglobulins. I could have had it done today, but I decided that I needed to come home and eat since I felt like my blood sugar was dropping. (I had to be back in the back of the office for about 3.5 hours.) I’ll probably go sometime later this week, but I won’t get the results for at least 2 weeks. (The panels have to be sent to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.)

I thought it was kind of funny that I wasn’t really allergic to much more than my normal allergy issues, since I’ve had doctor after doctor tell me that I had really bad allergy problems. It kind of confirms the idea I’ve had that doctors don’t always pay attention or want to look for what’s really wrong.

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