Bitch, Please!

If you remember last week, I was upset about my friend denying that he has a mental health problem. Well, I was going to let the whole thing go, after Haley told me that talking about it was just going to cause more strife with my friend and his family. I found a nice little comment by the woman who used to be a friend of mine. (She tried to convince me to vote for Mo Brooks, even though I told her that I didn’t support anything that that man had to say.)

Well, she had been saying certain things in the whole discussion, but when I took the weekend off from the internet, she posted the following:

That’s the absolute truth, Kim. Pisses me off that certain people seem to WANT him to have a diagnosis of mental illness. Let THEM enjoy (and even revel) in their OWN mental illness. Our kids are just fine, thank you, and that includes our Tony!!! You go Tony! I’ve known you since you were a little boy and I’ve always considered you and the “fam” top notch. Don’t let any whiners bring their own agenda into YOUR life. You are all right. 🙂

Since there were 2 people who were speaking out on that comment about Tony’s newfound sense of freedom from mental illness, and one happened to be his sister, I would assume that the “certain people”/”whiners” would be me. I sent her the following message:

f it is, then you seem to be mistaken about me and my intention. I don’t want anyone to have any kind of illness. I just want Tony to be honest about his problems, and denying that he actually has one is not going to help him.

I do not want him to be mentally or physically ill. I don’t want anything to be wrong with anyone, but I honestly think he does have a serious mental health issue. (I have seen him both manic and depressed, so it truly feels that he was properly diagnosis.) I also honestly think that denying the existence of it is going to cause him personal problems in the future. I also think that since Venita is the wonderful woman who left her schizophrenic husband because of his illness that she obviously seems to have some kind of bias against mental illness. She’s also the wonderful woman who turned in her daughter for being scantily clad (spaghetti strapped dress to the prom) to a church committee on chastity, and who would desert any friend when they had an issue that she seemed to find offensive (depression, physical illness, etc.). Hell, she de-friended me for not voting for a conservative and for disagreeing with her about voting issues.

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