Facebook discussion of Obama

Jonathan: Wrong, Janet; on two major fronts. Obama’s approval numbers are appreciably worse on actual, given issues, and the policy he espouses. His overall approval, which you’re gleaning from the statistical (incomplete) truth from USAToday, is the only thing comparable to Reagan at a given time frame, and is a testament to blind faith many still have (despite more…and more…disagreeing with his actual policy, as reflected in more complete polling data.) The final major difference, is actually related to the numbers that should really haunt your boy — actual policy and issues, where his grip is truly crumbling: And its that socialism, statism, and welfare don’t work. Reagan revolutionized the economy — by restoring it to, by, and for Americans. Key difference that will ultimately define Obama’s approval, which already is slipping, and is downright unraveling on his actual policy that America is going to be dealing with more and more in due time.
Me: First: When did he become “my boy”? And when did people who agree with what he’s done have “blind faith”? Doesn’t that discount the intellectual ability of your fellow Americans? Guess what, people can disagree AND be smart. Claiming that those who support him have “blind faith” could be countered by pointing out that those who don’t support him have “blind paranoia”. You assume that things are going to go bad, and if things don’t turn out 100% right, then your worst fears are confirmed. Second: If you actually look at the repercussions of Reagan’s decisions to “revolutionize” the economy, you will find that he was actually a failure in many ways. Third: Obama is no more of a socialist than any other person in this nation. Claiming that he is a socialist based upon some policies is just an inflammatory remark made by the right to distract the American public from the reality that his decisions are not that different from similar decisions made throughout history.

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