Not that hard of a stick

I just did my first injection of B12. It didn’t hurt too bad to do, but now my leg burns a bit. I ended up hitting a big vein in my thigh that I couldn’t see until after it started bleeding like crazy. Hitting a vein probably wasn’t the best thing to do, but it was kind of funny because I always told my family that if you gave me a needle for a blood draw, I could hit a vein. I’ve even told them that I could hit it in my sleep. Apparently, I was right. Yay for my mad vein-hitting skills.

I also took my first prescription Vitamin D. It’s a 50,000 unit dose. Fun. My dad came home saying that he had low levels of D when his new doctor checked it. He has to take the OTC stuff right now. He was diagnosed last month with Pernicious Anemia, aka B12 deficiency. So, I must get my deficiencies from him. (His dad’s side apparently has issues with B12 and his mom’s side has issues with D.)

I may take a picture of the lovely bruise that’s forming later. It’s about the size of a quarter with a dime next to it.

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