Are You Seriously Punishing Me? 3

This afternoon my mom and I started calling around to find out when some of my appointments were, since we couldn’t find the information anywhere. Well, the gynecologist said that I hadn’t scheduled an appointment, which was weird since they called me. The allergist’s receptionist said that there was no appointment for me anytime in their schedule. They offered to schedule one for the future…the one that was supposed to be this month ended up being put off until November. When we called the family doctor to have them intervene, they called and were able to get one for July 19. They were told that they had explained that I was getting a much later appointment because I hadn’t shown up for today’s appointment.

Okay, if you’re doing a boob job on someone and they don’t show up, then maybe you could punish them. However, when you work for a doctor who specializes in asthma, allergies, and immunology–basically, someone who deals with life or death cases, then you should NEVER punish a patient for missing an appointment. And if you’re going to say to the patient that the appointment was never scheduled, then you shouldn’t turn around and tell the nurse who scheduled it (because I needed a referral) a different story. That is not only rude, but completely unprofessional. First, you shouldn’t treat patients like crap. Second, you never lie to a referring physician’s office. I know that there are plenty of allergy cases in Huntsville, but since the clinic I go to has a large clientele and this area has a significant issue with severe allergies, then you kind of want to be on cushy terms with the doctors.

I know it was bad for me to not show up to the appointment (which was this morning at 10), but it wasn’t like I was just blowing them off. I forgot my appointment, and when I used to go to this doctor in the past, they would call the day before. If you’re going to have a patient coming in from an appointment scheduled in a different month, especially when a major holiday has passed since the appointment (not that that has anything to do with my forgetfulness), then you should have the sense to do reminders.

Other than that, I’m trying to recover from going to the grocery store today. Even though I was drinking water throughout the whole time, I ended up overheating. My temperature went from 97 to 100 (36.1 to 37.8) in a matter of 2 hours. Now, it’s still been a few hours, and it’s not dropping much at all. I’ve had about 60 ounces of ice water and 2 ice sheets/packs on me. The air conditioner is blowing straight at me. None of this is helping.

Oh, and I called the neurologist this afternoon to find out why I haven’t heard about my lab results yet. The nurse didn’t call back after I called before last weekend. She didn’t call back again today. I know that by now the results must be in. I could go to the hospital’s Medical Records department tomorrow and get a copy. I just have to have my ID. My mom has had to do that with results that a doctor wouldn’t share before.

Edit: My blood test results came in. My B6 was low, so I have to go on OTC supplements. My B12 was “severely low” and I’ll have to administer injections to increase my levels to an acceptable level. My D level was low and I’ll be put on prescription medicine for a while to raise it. My cortisol was low, so I’ll need to take another test to make sure my pituitary is working properly. (The nurse said that that test usually is normal.) My BUN-to-creatinine was low, and the nurse said that whenever I have a scan requiring dye, I will need to have my level checked before I have it done to make sure I don’t damage my kidneys. And my triglycerides are “slightly elevated”, which she wasn’t very concerned about. She said they would call in the injections and medicines, and that she would send the results to my family doctor. My mom looked at my dad after I told them what the nurse said, and said, “I think she’s really sick.” He left the room.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Seriously Punishing Me?

  • Wow-Sounds like you have your hands full on appointments. Yeah, aren’t they supposed to call you a day before your appointment as a reminder? Sorry your body is overheating like that, sounds like you are doing all the correct things to help bring back your temperature. I really do hope the neurologist office calls you back with your results–totally sucks!!!!

  • Tehya

    wow-what a run around!
    I buy Vitamin B12 Subligual Lozengers (Jarrow) cause they are stronger and better absorbd by your body, the effects last longer too! My D3 tabs are 5000IU and I take one daily, the B12 have lifted my fatigue no end!
    good luck

    • Janet
      Post author

      I had been on sublingual for a while, but I sometimes forgot to take them. I’ve been taking gummy multi-vitamins for a while to get most of my vitamins, but the vitamins had been making me even more sick when I was taking them. Hopefully the new stuff will help get those issues sorted out.

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