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I’ve been a PayPal user for years. I’ve never really had a problem with them until the past couple of weeks. I was trying to pay for a piece of Software and my hosting fees for the month with my credit card via PayPal. It ended up charging on Instant Transfer, which pulled from my bank account. I only had $11 in the bank account. I began calling around to fix it, but it was too late, I had gotten 2 $35 NSF fees, putting me in the red. I finally got PayPal to agree to write a letter to get my bank to refund the fees. (I got $13 of the $70 back.) Unfortunately, they continued to charge the bank, so I continued to get more $35 NSF charges. I know the bank won’t refund the money, and I can’t get PayPal to stop trying to use that bank account. I’ve called, emailed, etc. Nothing works. They keep saying that there is nothing that they can do.

I’m sorry, but that has to be crap. I can’t remove the bank account. I can’t switch the funding source. I can’t do anything. I just have to let them keep charging me. I’ve sent an email to my bank to have them stop payments, which will be another $30. By the time my checks come from SSA next month, I will barely have enough money to buy a bottle of water.

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  • Haley

    Maybe I’m not fully understanding all the details of the situation, but it sounds like there are two issues going on. You didn’t say how much the initial charge was for that was thus greater than the $11 in your bank account. You also didn’t specify who your bank is, so I can’t really explain their NSF policy or whatnot. I’ve had things like this happen as well a few times with other online sites (usually retailers; not paypal), but the NSF thing is a pain. :/

    Did you know there was $11 in that account before you tried to make a payment? I don’t know what “Instant Transfer” is and if that has anything to do with it, but obviously your total was more than $11 or else you wouldn’t have gotten an NSF. Why you got 2 NSF notices/charges is set by your bank, but usually that happens with multiple charges after going in the red and not just one singular charge.

    I am also fuzzy on why PayPal is still repeatedly charging you for the single transfer (hosting/software)? You can leave the bank account attached to your PayPal account, but cancel the charges you approved. PayPal lets you stop funds, as well: that isn’t the responsibility of your bank.

    NSFs are hard to get refunded and hard to removed from a credit score. You need to call PayPal again on the phone and speak to someone “higher up”. You’ve called before and gotten no answers or ideas/plans of what to do, so ask for a manager or senior customer service representative. They are a business and you are the customer for using their services; don’t let them tell you they “don’t know” or there’s “nothing they can do”. Don’t hang up just ask for someone who DOES KNOW what to do.

    So yeah. Be ardent about it. Don’t be angry, obviously, but be persistent and obviously annoyed. Don’t let someone tell you that’s “just the way it works” unless they can show you that exact text in the PayPal Terms of Service or whatnot.

    • Janet
      Post author

      There are 2 issues going on. I know that the first round of NSF fees have to do with the bank. I knew there was $11 in that account before I tried to make a payment, but I wasn’t really trying to use that account to pay. I’ve tried to cancel the charges that were approved, but it keeps giving me an error. I’ve tried everything that I know to try, and none of it seems to work. I want to call, because I want it to get worked out, but I also am a bit nervous about it because every time I make some call related to financial stuff, I end up feeling a bit depressed when I hang up.

  • Justin

    OMG that really sucks! Sorry you had to go through all of that… hopefully it gets taken care of!

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