When the Girl Comes Down 2

I went to lay down at about one this afternoon. As I started to get comfortable, I also started to get intensely sick. I decided to call the doctor because I couldn’t rest if I was getting that dizzy and that nauseated.

They got me in at 3:45. The blood pressure machine wouldn’t register, as usual. Even after three tries, it still didn’t work. (This is typical, so I thought nothing of it. I waited for a little while for the doctor to get to me, and he finally came in there. He’s not my normal doc at the clinic, so we had to go over my history since the last time he’d seen me. (The wrist problem from last Fall.) He asked me about meds, and I told him that I recently had started on Zanaflex. He checked my blood pressure with the manual type machine and it apparently registered, since he let the thing go after it dropped down to around 40 at that time. He then had me stand up and wait a couple of minutes and checked it again. It went lower. Apparently, I’m dehydrated which is causing my blood pressure to drop. After I explained how much I drink in a day, he tried to figure out what might be going on (if it wasn’t that). He made me do a urine test, but that (I figure) was for a pregnancy test. (I hate how they assume that you have to be pregnant if you have irregular periods.)

He finally concluded that I have low blood pressure due to the dehydration. The solution? Cut down on the Zanaflex. If it keeps going, call him and come back. Otherwise, talk to the neurologist.

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  • Aly

    Gosh, you can’t ever seem to catch a break health-wise, can you? πŸ™ (And yeah, I know I probably keep saying that – sorry!).

    Ah, doctors will always leap to the pregnancy conclusion if you complain of an irregular menstrual cycle – I guess just because it’s the easiest thing to rule out first. Even if you tell them that if you were pregnant you would have given birth by now, or even that they must be expecting an immaculate conception, they’ll still want to check. πŸ˜› But obviously there are lots of other reasons for having irregular periods – PCOS being the first that comes to mind.

    Zanaflex…isn’t that a muscle relaxant? My knowledge of pharmacology is sketchy at the very best, but I can’t think of what that has to do with low blood pressure and dehydration. Is it a side-effect, perhaps? I haven’t a clue. =/

    Anyway, here’s to hoping you feel better soon. *hug*

    • Janet
      Post author

      I just tend to have really odd reactions to drugs, plus I’m already prone to dehydration. Don’t know why. I have PCOS, which the doctor would have known if he’d let me explain.

      Zanaflex is a muscle relaxant. It can cause low blood pressure sometimes as a side effect, and I guess it sometimes causes dehydration, too. I don’t know. All I know is that he pulled out the PDA to check and then got on the computer and seemed to go over whatever was on there. Before I left, he went to consult with his attending. When that doctor sees me, I always feel like I’m some kind of shiny new toy that he has to thoroughly examine. :/

      Thanks, though. πŸ˜‰

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