Hey Americans, these are Smarties. And these are candy coated goodness with smooth milk chocolate inside. Oh, and the colours are fantastic. Nom nom.

Sucks to be you, Americans. When was the last time you moseyed over to the corner store and grabbed a box of RAINBOW? And don’t give me that, “…Skittles!” bull shit, because everyone who knows the colours of the rainbow can tell you, without BLUE it doesn’t count. Did I mention that there’s a blue Smartie? There’s also a pink one.


PLUS! Skittles come in a bag, which you have to throw out, and then a landfill somewhere gets bigger. Smarties come in a box, so you can recycle it, and one day it will be born anew! As another box of Smarties! It’s a beautiful cycle.

Chill out, dude. No one cares.

haa .. poor guy was getting so excited just to get shot down! haaa:P Its very strage to get that excited about sweets btw 😛

lol…I think they look like M&Ms.

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