Tumble Along

So, I have this thing where I’m going to do picspams for every ten members of my fan-related Tumblrs. It’s my way of thanking people for joining them. I’m changing it up a bit. I will do a picspam for every ten members of my fan-related Tumblrs every week. This may end up taking some time on one in particular. I also would love some help on them, which you can sign up to help out as a moderator here. You can also submit stuff (I’ll provide a submission link for each thing.)

First, I must plug Dissolve into the Infinite and thank the 377 followers. You all rock! And if you are following any of my Tumblr accounts, you rock, and I thank you. 🙂 Oh, and if you ever want to ask me questions on there, please ask!

Fan Related

Non Fan Related

  • Fuzzy Liberal News – a news/opinions/issues related blog for liberals, though anyone is welcome to join. Submit
  • Some Internet Crap – Some Internet Crap is a blog for people to see funny/silly/interesting things. Sometimes it’s funny tweets or tumblr reblogs. Sometimes it’s funny images. Submit
  • So Totally Cute – a blog for cute things/people. Submit
  • Tumble Pod – a blog to share playlists. Submit
  • We Have Faces – We Have Faces is a blog for people to share their experiences with anything that is generally refered to as a statistical type things. This can include chronic illnesses, abuse, intolerance, etc. Submit

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