Whoever posted that fat postI




First off, what even is fat now a days? We have such an unrealistic body type we have to live up to. I personally know I am not fat, but I don’t even know what fat is anymore. There are a lot of people who honestly cannot help there weight. My neighbour is overweight. She plays multiple sports, eats healthy, but cannot seem to lose the weight. You know why that is? Because her mom got diabetes while being pregnant with her so it is nearly impossible for her to lose weight no matter what she does. Also it can be in genetics where it is harder for people to lose weight then others because of the genetics in there system. Sure there ARE people who are fat and can help it, but its not as easy as it sounds. Some people are addicted to food, it makes them happy, they enjoy it. Just like people can get addicted to smoking, drinking, porn etc. You are a very ignorant person whoever posted that.

just gonna repost this here

I completely agree. I’m offended at her actions.

Okay, I found someone new I can follow because of pure awesomeness.

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