xander:Hey, black-eyed girl…Whatcha doin’?”

willow:”Get out of here”

xander:”You’re not the only one with powers, you know. You may be a hopped up uber-witch, but this carpenter can dry-wall you into the next century.”

willow;”I’m not joking, Xander. Get out of my way. Now”.

Willow:  You can’t stop this.

Xander:  Yeah, I get that.  It’s just, where else am I gonna go?  You’ve been my best friend for my whole life.  World gonna end … where else would I want to be?

Willow:  Is this the master plan?  You’re going to stop me by telling me you love me?

Xander: Well, I was gonna walk you off a cliff and hand you an anvil, but … it seemed kind of cartoony.

Willow:  Still making jokes.

Xander: I’m not joking.  I know you’re in pain.  I can’t imagine the pain you’re in.  And I know you’re about to do something apocalyptically evil and stupid, and hey.  I still want to hang.  You’re Willow.

Willow:  Don’t call me that.

Xander:  First day of kindergarten.  You cried because you broke the yellow crayon, and you were too afraid to tell anyone.  You’ve come pretty far, ending the world, not a terrific notion.  But the thing is?  Yeah, I love you.  I loved crayon-breaky Willow and I love scary, veiny Willow.  So if I’m going out, it’s here.  If you wanna kill the world?  Well, then, start with me.  I’ve earned that.

Willow:  You think I won’t.

Xander: It doesn’t matter.  I’ll still love you.

Willow:  Shut up.

xander:i love you

willow:shut up

xzander:i love you

(starts crying hugs..)

aww this is one of my favorite parts

That is one of my favorite scenes ever.

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