This makes me sad :(


How come America gets so much shit for not acknowledging same-sex marriage* from so many different countries, when only 7 countries/regions (in their entirety) in the entire world recognize it? Those places are Belgium, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Spain and Sweden. Last time I checked, same-sex couples who deserve the right to marry, don’t only come from the United States.

I’m tired of being generalized as an ignorant bigot who only thinks people of a hetero-sexual nature should be allowed to marry. This problem goes for a lot of other issues as well.

It kind of sucks considering I wasn’t even able to vote for anyone (or any legislations) but our current president. What could I have possibly done to prevent the mistakes of previous administrations?

Oh well, hopefully things will change in the near future. xx

*Keep in mind that a civil union or registered partnership is not the same as a full civil marriage.

I think it has to do with our attitudes towards both civil unions and marriages.  People in more countries are allowed civil unions, but people in this country even balk at that idea.

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