Girls who always have to be cutsey about everything


annoy the shit out of me.

You know what I’m talking about… Those girls who have myspace, twitter, or aim names that include “bby” in them and just love acting like a 7 year-old. THOSE kind of chicks! I swear… Do guys actually find that attractive? I mean, really, if a girl types like this: “Hehe, like omgzzz ilyy <33 ^_^” is that attractive? Do you find that appealing? I would really like to know. Because I do not “type like a girl” and I seldom act cute. I have a dirty mind and wear flannel shirts and cowboy boots while listening to music that is all basically centered around drinking beer and such. I also wear dresses and enjoy chick flicks and crying. I guess I’m pretty balanced as far as that goes, but am I supposed to be a bimbo? Or better yet, if I was 10 x “hotter” (conventionally speaking) would it even matter how articulate or down to earth I was? I think I’m a pretty interesting catch myself. I stick to my guns, I don’t put up with bullshit, I’m pretty damn smart (or at least I think so), I’m worldly, I’m down to earth definitely, I enjoy going to baseball games and watching the Lakers on tv, I know all the lyric’s to Willie Nelson’s “I Gotta get Drunk”, I’m never offended, I like watching trippy movies, I don’t care if you smoke weed or drink an excessive amount of beer… I could go on and list a zillion things about me that would make it very evident that I’m the kind of gal any dude would be lucky to know, let alone date, but I’m getting tired so I’ll leave it at those. But am I “hot”? Well, that all depends on you. I don’t have a perfect body. I’m probably not gorgeous to most guys. But do I look at myself in the mirror every once in a while and think “oh man, I’m pretty”? Yes, I sure do. I’m confident (for the most part) in my outer appearance and I definitely like the person I am on the inside. Why don’t more guys like me as much as I like me? Is it because I’m not cutsey? Because those cutsey girls always seem to have boyfriends…

About Janet Morris

I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I've got as many college credits as a doctorate candidate, and the GPA of some of them, too. I have a boss by the name of Amy Pond. She's a dachshund. My parents both grew up in Alabama.