When the Wind Blows

Yesterday was another one of my sleep during the day days, and one of the only times I’ve gotten to actually do so in my bed. Well, Alice, my little guard Bassa-dachie was up in bed with me. We were snoozing away.

At about 5:30, though, I got this weird feeling and all of a sudden there was a siren. I shot up and out of bed, grabbing Alice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t carry her all the way, but I told her to run into the living room. (I STILL do not have cable in my room, which thanks to the Switch to Digital means I have a TV that picks up nothing.) So, we scurry into the living room and there is Dan Satterfield (@danwhnt on Twitter). Well, he and Alan Raymond are covering the tornado that is hitting Huntsville. I wait a second to see which part of Huntsville, and I notice that the wall cloud is near Chapman mountain. I, along with many other valley folks, get to watch as they confirm via the Saturn V cam that it is in fact a tornado as there are flashes on the screen as the tornado snaps power poles. It was quite interesting to watch, as I’ve never actually seen footage of a tornado AS it is happening.

So now folks from YSA who are from such tornado-deprived areas as Kansas are discussing how strange it is for a tornado to hit in January. (Not here, baby.) I told them about the 1989 tornado and the 1995 tornado, which were both deadly (the former was a mile away from my old house and the latter killed a family member).

Oh, I have added many embarrassing photos of my childhood on facebook. You can see me in my Middle School choir’s blueberry dress, be reminded of that short time when my face wasn’t big, see the first man to emotionally abuse me (Dadada), etc.

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