Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor…

I saw that there is a group on Facebook for requiring drug tests for people to get welfare, which sounds like a good idea to some. What’s going to happen with the children of the parents who are on drugs, though?

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, aka what most people are talking about when they say Welfare, is not just for the parents. It’s for the children, as well. It provides for a family that is in need. Admittedly, children shouldn’t be in families where the parent is an addict, but we don’t demand that ALL parents submit for drug testing.

If you took children away from the families on TANF because of drug use, then where would you put them? The foster care system in America is already taxed. These kids would have to go somewhere. And if you did put them in foster care, you couldn’t guarantee that every foster parent would be good to the kids. You can’t guarantee that the children would be better off away from drug using parents when put in the custody of a foster family or a group home.

Also, if drug testing is required for one government assistance program, then are you going to require it for every government assistance program? Are you going to test anyone on any form of Social Security (from retirement benefits to SSDI to SSI, etc.)? Are you going to test everyone on Food Stamps? Should anyone who benefits from any help from HUD be required to submit? If all of that is okay, what about when someone pays too much income tax and gets back a refund? I know, you think of that as your money, but when the government is giving it back to you and you’re using it for something you need/want/whatever, then aren’t you using government assistance? Are all tax refund recipients going to have to undergo drug testing? What about FAFSA applicants? I bet that would help the government if we took away financial aid from college students who use drugs and alcohol. I mean, that IS government assistance.

Why TANF beneficiaries? Why not everyone?

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