weekly episode discussion



i liked tonight’s episode. it was really sad. but i didn’t figure out the twist at the end til they did. i liked that everyone had an equal share in this episode. also the extra gracia bits. it’s always good in my book when there’s more garcia. i thought j.j. was great tonight too.

a little bummed that my station didn’t show scene for next week though 🙁

what did y’all think?

p.s. don’t forget if you have anything criminal minds related that you wanna submit, feel free!

Oh man. Tonight’s was great. I figured out JJ’s business from the second she talked to Hotch about the case, and I figured out it was the dad from the second they took the laptop away and showed the DVDs.

I loved the Reid bit at the end. Did he dye his hair?? It seems darker to me since a couple episodes ago.

I loved the episode.  I don’t think Reid’s hair is different.  Maybe I’m wrong.

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