MEREDITH: Only 6 women out of 20.
CRISTINA: Yeah. I hear one of them’s a model. Seriously, that’s gonna help with the respect thing.
MEREDITH: You’re Cristina, right?
CRISTINA: Which resident you assigned to? I got Bailey.
MEREDITH: Nazi? Me too.
GEORGE: You got the Nazi? So did I. At least we’ll be tortured together, right? I’m George O’Malley. [to Meredith] Uh…we met at the uh, mixer.  You had a black dress with a slit at the sides, strappy sandals and….  now you think I’m gay.
GEORGE: No, I’m not gay.
GEORGE: It’s uh…  it’s just that uh, you know, I mean you were very unforgettable…

Grey’s Anatomy 1.01 – “Pilot”

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