I wonder how many people added the Haiti ribbon to their icon and didn’t actually donate anything?








They just wanted to look good.


I thought it would only let you add it if you made a donation?

I donated $5 to all 4 charities they mentioned.

They should rename Haiti after you.

Psh. I’m not done yet. I know there’s more I can do.

You can add it without donating anything, tumblr has no way of knowing if/what you gave.

This is what happens when you click buttons just to see what they do
How was I supposed to know that it was gonna add a ribbon and make me look like a liar and a sham?  D;

I didn’t donate, since I lack the funds, but I have tried to spread the word on legit charities on different networks.

Generally speaking, ribbons are representations of feelings and not pocket-book abilities.  Ribbons are meant to make people aware, not to spread the word of who has made contributions monetarily speaking.

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