TMZ is reporting that “Jay Leno will get his one-hour show back, and it will be called “The Tonight Show”. I usually take TMZ’s news with a grain of salt, but they have been on the nose with everything recently concerning the late night shuffle. If it came about that Jay Leno was reseated as the host of ‘The Tonight Show’ I honestly wouldn’t be surprised. Things seem to have gone from bad, to worse, to absolutely fucking absurd. How can NBC conduct themselves as a legit network if this is how they handle bad ratings?
Why shouldn’t he get the show back?  NBC shouldn’t be considered a legit network after ousting him when he was #1 in the time slot for someone that they knew couldn’t necessarily bring in the same ratings.  (Conan is statistically more popular among young people, but that doesn’t mean that he could draw in the larger crowds at The Tonight Show’s time slot.)

WTF !?! – NBC in negotiating talks with Jay Leno to restore him as host of The Tonight Show?

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