Just when did society become so apathetic towards the military?




I can’t comprehend why society no longer seems to understand the military.  And what is worse is that the majority of people don’t even care enough to try to understand.  You don’t have to support war (specific wars or war generally) but fuck, can’t people make the distinction between supporting war and supporting the men and women risking life and limb for their country?  The military is not synonymous with war.  Lest we forget; politicians start wars, not the military.

This makes me so fucking angry I can’t even form a coherent argument about it right now.  I just want to break something.

My mother informed me earlier that she’s been thinking recently about other career paths for me outside of the military.  I know she means well but this is what I want to do and I will give everything I have to make it happen.

I agree, but I think maybe your mom is just worried because she loves you…maybe not.

I think you’re right.  Which is understandable.  If I have children I won’t want them to join the military either. /hypocrite

Nah, that wouldn’t be hypocritical.  That’s just parental concern.

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