Dear Today Show: fuck you.


Are you really this out of touch with regular Americans, or am I in the minority here? I’m watching your “decorating on a dime” segment which is supposedly geared toward helping those who don’t have any spare cash to decorate. Why, then, are you telling me to buy a $200 quilt from Anthropologie, a bureau from Urban Outfitters, and Z Gallerie sconces?

Sorry, but being poor means I can barely afford to buy my decor at Goodwill, Target, and maybe IKEA. If I had $200 to spare I’d use it a bit more wisely than that.

Unfortunately most media outlets don’t seem to understand that most people who are lacking in the funds department don’t get the high paychecks that their correspondents get.  Fixed income, minimum wage, not being in upper middle class or higher, are all myths in their eyes.

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I'm from Huntsville, Alabama. I've got as many college credits as a doctorate candidate, and the GPA of some of them, too. I have a boss by the name of Amy Pond. She's a dachshund. My parents both grew up in Alabama.