it’s not only those reasons though. I read comments on some livejournal fansites of Edward and Bella and there is no leg hitch, B/E only have one more kiss then Jacob and Bella, they twist Edward’s words around a lot. Edward says things like “sorry for making you choose.” but, in the book…he never forced her to do anything. He just kind of went a long with it and always wanted what made her happy. He would have let her run away with Jacob if that’s what she wanted, but it wasn’t. I could go on forever. I’m so heated! I need a shower or somethiiing.

Ahhhh!! 🙁 In my opinion, Eclipse probably had the worst representation of Bella and Jacob’s relationship, maybe close behind Breaking Dawn though. She better not have exaggerated that, this is making me mad. I’m trying to convince myself otherwise but now I’m thinking about all of the things that could go wrong with the script and the things she could have missed….

I need some anxiety pills or something… THIS MOVIE BETTER ROCK OR MELISSA’S GONNA GET IT!

I feel the same way, i am just so confused and i want someone to reassure me that it’s gonna be okay haha. Eclipse is my favourite book and i have bene so happy with twilight and new moon, i don’t want eclipse to be a crappy movie.

It’s like just because Team Jacob gained a hell of alot more fans because of taylor they just decided to change stuff to keep those fans happy or whatever. AHH i am so mad.

same, girl. not to be a Debby Downer, but I just read another comment on a fansite that says after Jake gets hurt in the fight Bella “run’s to his side, cradles him, and basically starts sobbing on him.” in the book she doesn’t even see him until she goes to his house awhile after and she kisses Edward when it’s all over. :/ blah. I’m still trying to convice myself that it’s gonna be ok, but at this point in time, it’s not looking very good from where I’m at.

I haven’t looked at the script, but it seems ridiculous to change the whole essence of the storyline to fit her fangirling feelings.

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