The Infection that Never Ends 2

So, some of you may remember around the time the first Twilight movie came out, I contracted a sinus infection that was pretty heavy on for about six months. It seemed to go away, only to have a new one replace it just a few months later. Well, apparently, either it was two separate major infections or just one big one that has become something of a systemic problem.

I had my doctor’s appointment at 8:15 in the morning (I guess now I should say yesterday since it’s edging closer to repeating that time of the day) and my lovely doctor did a very thorough examination. They checked my blood pressure three times because the first two times it was off the charts high, but she and I determined that the nurses had used the wrong sized cuff on the wrong part of my arm. When she checked it, it was normal. My heart was apparently doing it’s little acting up thing that it usually only saves until after hours and I was just feeling really, really sick.

I have just felt really, really awful today…well, for a while now. I hope the Doxycycline works. I’m kind of allergic to everything else, except Biaxin and the Quinolones, but since Biaxin won’t work with me and the whole Quinolone poisoning incident last year, I can’t use those.

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