Echo: I’m not her! My name is Echo.
Paul: I didn’t mean to upset you.
Echo: No, you do help me. You are my best friend.
Paul: Let’s keep it that way.
Echo: You think I am a freak. Or a child.
Paul: I think I don’t have the right.
Echo: It’s not my other…personas that make me feel what I feel.
Paul: The Dollhouse made you fall in love over and over. You told me that.
Echo: They also made me aggressively sexual and phenomenally creative at that.
Paul: That’s just cruel.
Echo: Also sociopathic. Inexperienced. Blind. And at least seven times gay. There’s a lot of noise from the chorus girls, but they are not me. There is a me. This is me.

Dollhouse 2.07 – “Meet Jane Doe”

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