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in relation to this post, i wanted to reblog each and every one of these because i found them not only true but interesting and important but that might be highly annoying. i do have to say i watched this movie months after all of the hype and adoration had sort of died down and i really wanted to like it, i did. i hope that i like every movie i see. but i had problems with a lot of things, like julia said, with this guy coming in and “saving” the girl from the bad guys along with the fact that it’s made by the West. these are some solid thoughts and i really wanted to reblog each and every one and we all know i hate reblogging:

garconniere: not to mention all the fucked up gender dynamics happening in and outside of this movie… boy obsessed with girl, follows her their whole lives and “saves” her from the big bad guys, because of course she wouldn’t be able to save herself. on top of it all, british white guy danny boyle gets all the credit when the movie wouldn’t have been able to be made without loveleen tandan, the indian female co-director no one seems to know about.

thedivineash: Okay okay. I know I’m going to get shit for this, but I’ve got to say that John and I watched this movie this weekend, and I didn’t like it. At all. I felt that it was really forced and set-up. I also, of course, hated the fact that the female lead never seemed to face any trauma from being forced into the sex trade industry and subsequently repeatedly viciously raped (we can only assume) by the mafia guy. I do recognize that I am not the target audience as I despise most love stories, this movie, on top of that, was just so unbelievable that I couldn’t suspend my disbelief.

and this awesome quote from penguinprostitution
: “Oh so Slumdog fucking Millionaire won a shitload of awards. BIG. FUCKING. WHOOP. Fuck that movie and everyone who was involved in that movie. The Guardian proudly claimed “India celebrates Slumdog Millionaire’s Eight Oscar victory” You know what? Being Indian, I say fuck India. What role did fucking India play in that film? The movie director was fucking British, the lead role was played by a British guy who has never fucking BEEN to India till the movie was filmed, the fucker who wrote the fucking book is fucking Brit, the lead actress is the spawn of India’s superrich who have as much in common with slums as a hippie to hygiene.. The only real Indians in that movie set apart from AR Rahman were carrying tea trays and fetching the actor’s boots. The movie could have been fucking set in Guatemala and still received the same crap attention. We Indians are such whores to the West that any representation of us is seen as a good thing, even if it is showing Indians with the same old tired stereotypes of poverty and slums. Fuck Indians. Fuck Hollywood, and fuck you for watching that piece of shit film. If you’re going to ask “How can you condemn the film without even watching it?”, Fuck you for asking that too. I don’t need to sit through two hours of shit to know it is shit. The premise is enough to sicken me.

Oh, and fuck you doubly for cheering the reception of an award that simply means “a few white people think your movie is cute enough to receive this piece of crap statue but please don’t disturb our existing world view of your piss-poor funny little country”. Fuck you for supporting this condescending mentality that only films made by rich white cocksuckers are worthy of their award (Since when has any other “foreign” film from India, Hong Kong or any other non-white major movie production base been nominated for anything else apart from “best foreign film”? The very fact that they have that category shows how insular their world is and their perspective of movies not made by one of their kind). The Oscars are nothing more than a declaration of films that rich white people love. Shame on you for being sucked into the hype.” -O, Hades

And how!

I wish I could say something positive about this absurdly one-dimensional cartoon of a movie, but I really can’t.

Though the SCREENPLAY was written by a Brit, the book Q&A, for which the film is based on was written by an Indian diplomat, Vikas Swarap.

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