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The guy apparently now wants links to any posts that make reference to his rants.  I told him that I would not share those links based on personal ethics.  I told him that I was fairly certain that if he could find his pictures on Tumblr, he could find posts referencing him.

Wow. This is getting really out of hand. I personally don’t mind if you give him the URL to any post I put up about him.

Woooow. I just went back and read your posts about this dude. I’m speechless, really. Shouldn’t he be flattered that his work circulates the internet? That’s the quickest and most immediate way to get your name out there. Also, “copyright infringement”? I’m a photographer and had to go through a situation where someone had claimed to be the photographer of my work. And I’ve read almost every copyright available, and essentially anyone can use anything on the internet so long as they don’t claim to be the original photographer or make any unapproved alterations to the original photo. And demanding $500 by tomorrow and blahblahblah is asinine. And honestly, you can’t demand money out of a copyright infringement unless you take it court. Especially if the dude doesn’t have the terms of his copyright out in plain view. Yep, it won’t hold up in court at all if he’s kept the terms his copyright all to himself. Basically, if you think your copyright is being infringed, you have two choices – ask nicely to have credit added to the photo or to be taken down or to take the situation to court. And going to court over something like that and for $500 is dumb. You’re going to spend triple that in costs to actually get the situation to court. Pfff. This dude needs to just be happy that someone feels like his work is good and should be shared.

…wait, do I own him $500 for talking about it? /headslam.

I basically told him some of this…and he’s still going on and on about infringement.

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