I could honestly go on and on about how terrible Miley Cyrus is.




Honestly, she should think of how much of an influence she is to young girls BEFORE she does stupid shit. I mean, honestly. Don’t post slutty pictures of yourself online refore thinking of what little girls around the world -that look up to you- are going to think. Seriously. It’s NOT COOL to be a little girl and have your role model be sexing it up with her boyfriend and smoking. Would YOU want your child looking up to someone like that? I wouldn’t, honestly. Sure, she’s entitled to her own life. But she CHOSE to be a disney channel star. She wasn’t forced. She should have thought about the lifestyle she was choosing before. Now she wants to be a typical teenager and act like no one’s watching her. Sorry hun. You chose to be an actress and singer who now is the role model of countless children across the world. That’s your responsibility now.

You know what Sarah. You hold some influence too. On people that write in to “iWish” yet you throw around cutting like it’s so damn popularity contest.

My blog. Whatever.

And I don’t use cutting as a popularity contest.

I’m sorry I suffer from depression and social anxiety.

I do a lot of things that aren’t appropriate.

But I don’t have millions of little girls looking up to me.

But whatever. To each his own.

You should never have to apologize for having depression or social anxiety.  They are beyond your control.  Anyone who would throw this back in your face is not worth your time.  People always mistake sharing pain with things like cries for attention or wanting sympathy.  They don’t get that you’d probably like empathy instead.

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