What was your favorite subject at school and why?
by jadedlioness

My favorite subject growing up was always a toss up between History and English. History was mainly due to this strange fascination I’ve always had with the past, and how I know that the things that society has been through are so interdependent with what we currently face and what we’ll face in the future. English was always a major interest because I loved to read and write. I was always really good at it, except the time I got this B on a paper I wrote in fifth grade because the teacher said that I has improperly spelled Oreo and that I shouldn’t have capitalized the O. I tried to explain to her that since it was my favorite cookie, I knew how to spell it, and since it was a proper name, it deserved capitalization. She didn’t agree, but she was always a bit annoying. In college, I liked studying the History of World religion. I was intending to major in Religious Studies at one point, but didn’t get the chance to go through with that.

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