Just to clear things up, I never read your story at all. Sorry if I offended you, didn’t mean to insult you at all. I am sorry for your grandfather, it’s never nice to see people’s lives fall apart like that.

I looked at the picture of Miley Cyrus (who I am indifferent to/simply hate) and saw her with a cigarette. I lol’d and heaved a sigh of disbelief. I don’t care about her. However, it’s a shame she’s doing this considering the role model she is for young people right now.

This is so weird. Drama on Tumblr. Doesn’t seem to compute exactly…



L-o-fucking-l. Whatever.









im watching hannah montana as we speak … back in the day, so innocent & pure

who cares

go miley!! a’skldfh


OH PLZ. My mom started smoking when she was 11. Get over it.

It’s just a terrible habit to have when she’s such an influential role model for children. Just because your mom started smoking when she was 11 doesn’t make it right, or healthy for that matter. This is terrible.

Agreed.  I had the “luxury” of taking care of my grandfather who died of smoking related causes.  He started smoking when he was about 11 or 12.  He died about 60 years later.  His non-smoking family members were able to live 10-15 years longer than him.  It shortened his life by that much.  He got to go through things like emphysema, congestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and various other things, which all have ties to smoking.  I was 12 when he died, but I got the luxury of taking care of him from the time I was 8.  Let me tell you, if I hadn’t already been allergic to smoking, then taking care of him would’ve sealed the deal on me never lighting up!

I appreciate that you think that this is funny, but what I said was not intended for lulz or whatever.  It was fucking serious.  Seeing someone die slowly is not fun, and having to spend your childhood taking care of that person is even worse.  Having to clean up shit off a wall because his mind is so far gone was one of the highlights of my childhood.  Sitting in the waiting room of the hospital on a weekly basis because of his continued smoking was just a bundle of laughs.

I’m sorry for snarking.  I’m just used to some people laughing at the idea that people actually go through crap when people smoke.

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